Vanessa has been developing her skills as a holistic healer for many years thru her past and present life experiences such as her work with animals, studying Qi Gong and Tai Chi, exploring Emotional Freedom Technique and Constellation Therapy, advancing her studies in nutritional counseling,  and having a daily meditation and yoga practice. Additionally, traveling and studying alternative medicine in countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Peru have expanded her practice and has brought together an understanding of universal energy; the concept that we are all one and all share the universal field.  Vanessa has been influenced by this universal concept and by Taoism and that  has inspired her to live in harmony with nature and obtain the basic principles of kindness and compassion to all. 

Vanessa grew up in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York until the age of eighteen. She lived in a variety of cities in the United States  while studying animal medicine and worked  for eight years as a veterinarian technician.  She then went on to study massage therapy and acupuncture and after receiving her licenses, she returned to upstate New York to start Heirloom Acupuncture while continuing her massage therapy work at d’mai Urban Spa in Brooklyn since 2004.  In January 2015, Heirloom Acupuncture partnered up with d'mai Urban Spa.

Heirloom Acupuncture derives its name from the fact that acupuncture is a tool that has been passed down through many generations.  The word “'loom'” meant “tool” before it became synonymous with weaving.  Weaving looms were so important at one point in English history that the word 'loom' came to denote weaving.  Weaving good health into the fabric of one's life is an essential step towards healing and happiness.